Donny gave Michael Jackson advice on having balanced life

September 29, 2013
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If Donny Osmond doesn’t start looking older soon, it’s going to get creepy.

The forever-young 55-year-old entertainer, best known for singing with little sister Marie, is staying busy by working on his 60th album. He also performs regularly at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, promotes the Home furnishing brand he created with his wife of 35 years and smiles all the way to the bank.

Osmond talked to us about his home life, his Home brand and the place in his heart for Michael Jackson.

“What I tell people is whenever we have a disagreement and I know that I’m wrong, I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong,” he says of his relationship with his wife, Debbie. He also jokes, “When I’m right, I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong.”

For Osmond, a happy home makes for a long career.

“I’ve been in show business for 50 years, and the secret is stability, and that is home,” he says.

“What my wife, Debbie Osmond, has created at home gives me a foundation so that I can go back out in this crazy world.”

Osmond wished his old friend Michael Jackson had found that same balance before tragically dying at age 50 in 2009.

“Michael Jackson would call me once in a while and ask me, ‘How do you live your home life?’ ” recalls Osmond, who does a tribute to the King of Pop in his Vegas show.

“Michael would always say, ‘What’s your home life like?’ He never had that kind of stability.

“He tried,” notes Osmond. “I knew Mike so well, and I would go over to his house. It was all about gold records, it was all about accolades.

“You walk into my home, you wouldn’t find a gold record on the wall. You would find pictures of my kids, pictures of the grandkids. That is what home is all about. If you can keep your perspective there, your feet stay on the ground.”

Jackson once suggested Osmond could reinvigorate his singing career by performing under a different name, but he wouldn’t do it. Osmond also says his furniture line is inspired by doing what feels right.

“We look at the products, and we say we would put that in our home [or] we wouldn’t put that in our home, and that becomes our brand,” he says.


Interview: Donny and Debbie on Donny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeBefore the launch party, we were able to sit down with Donny and Debbie and discuss their excitement and plans for Donny Osmond Home. Read about it here:

Q: How has it been working together on this project?

Donny: “Well, it’s a lot better than working with Marie, let me tell you that!” 


Q: Will you be adding products from the DOH line into your own home?

Debbie: “Absolutely! The line is inspired by what we have in our home already, so these products will find a warm and easy welcome.”

Q: Tell me how you interpret the line.

Debbie: “It’s transitional with an eclectic flair. It’s very versatile and contemporary. I never want to be locked-down in a style for my home…because fashions change, and people change. So we designed a line to reflect that mentality.”

Donny: “We have a 2-year-old couch in our home. And already, it’s thrashed! Our kids have been there, and our grandkids have been there, but we want them there, so we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Debbie interjects: “We don’t buy super high-end furniture or accessories. Because again, we like the freedom to change. And we want our kids to be able to come over and use our things and live in our home! And so we’re providing a home line of affordable furnishings that are beautiful and family-friendly and transitional.” 

Donny: “At the end of the day, you want to have the home where everyone wants to be. And I think our home line helps create that feeling of welcome and comfort.”

Q: How does some of the design inspiration come?

Debbie: “Oh hun, tell them what we’ve started doing!”

Donny: “So when we’re traveling around the world, I’ll take pictures of things Debbie sees, or that I love—of lighting in shops, fixtures, bedding, you name it—and then I’ll upload the photos directly to a Drop Box where we can start brainstorming designs and colors and plans with our team for the line.”

Q: Let’s talk family traditions in your home.

Debbie: “Kind-of along this whole topic, we’ve taught our children to do things themselves.”

Donny interjects: “We’re big do-it-yourself-ers.”

Debbie: “And so we’ve got a woodworker in the family, an electrician, a painter. We’ll randomly be together one day, and before we know it, we suddenly have a distressed kitchen table. And it’s beautiful!” 

Donny: “We do family night once a week. We play games. We’ve made our own UNO—it’s an UNO where cheating is allowed! It’s so fun! Does that make me a terrible grandfather?”

Debbie: “Donny is the best storyteller. He’ll ask the grandkids for a topic, and then he’ll just go with it.”

Donny: “I love going out to the hammock with a grandchild and a storybook. We’ll sit there with the book, and I’ll kind-of read what’s written, but then I’ll make-up other parts…to really play-up the parts of the story the grandkids love. We never get too far off from the original.”

Q: Any talk of future products in the home line?

Debbie: “We’d love to add DIY projects to the line.”

Donny: “And paints. Patio furniture. A hammock.” 

Debbie: “We spend date night at Home Depot and Lowe’s. We love this stuff.”

It was a pleasure talking to Donny and Debbie. It is going to be quite the adventure seeing their style come to life in this home line. Being comfortable and connected with family, all while maintaining a stylish home is the vision. A vision I’d say we all yearn for, after all. Can’t wait to see more.


Launch Party – Laughs and Looking Forward

So Launch Party NYC happened. I recognize you’ve probably heard that…100 times, twice over. And if you haven’t, do consider following Donny Osmond Home on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

…really though, do consider. The pictures you’ll find there will wow you.

Speaking of wow-ed—and pictures, parties, and an incredible home line of unparalleled products:
Donny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeDonny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeI can’t get past the beauty of Monday night.

Donny and Debbie are as real as can be. They are 100 percent family people—and they make everyone feel like family, like you belong, like it’s your right to be comfortable and loved. I can’t think of a better duo to design a home line that brings the family together and makes the home central.

The product manufacturers are now people I call friends. Their investment in this line, in Donny and Debbie, in making home and family #1…their investment is obvious, and their excitement, contagious. They are an incredible group of people.

And the products that they represent—the products of Donny Osmond Home—they are beyond expectation and above beauty benchmark. They create warmth and welcome…and I need every last one of them.

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Donny Osmond Home Launch Party

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of Donny Osmond Home.Donny Osmond Home

We celebrated Monday night with a launch party. Donny and Debbie were flawless, gracious, and thrilled with enthusiasm for the future of their new home line. The products displayed throughout the showroom were received by all attendees with positivity and curiosity as to how soon they could get the line in their own homes.

I’d say it was a success.

Here’s a sneak peek of all the goodness below. Several of the products displayed at the party can now be viewed at However, there is so much more to be added to the site and to the line.

IMG_5706IMG_5700IMG_5709IMG_5701Did anything particular catch your eye?

For more photos of the launch party and Donny Osmond Home products, follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

And don’t forget to check out the new website,!

An Osmond Offers Up a Bit of Home – New York Times

September 18, 2013
By Julie Lasky
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Those who remember Donny Osmond singing “You Are My Sunshine” on the Andy Williams show in 1963 have probably become so inured to life’s little curve balls that they won’t be surprised to learn that the popular entertainer, now 55 and a grandfather several times over, is about to release a housewares collection with his wife, Debbie. Everyone else, take a moment to compose yourself.

Donny Osmond Home will kick off in January with 1,000 items, including furniture, lights, rugs, bedding, dinnerware, bath accessories and home-improvement tools. Some of the goods will be available through online retailers later this year; a list will be posted on starting on Sept. 24.

Mr. Osmond discussed his new business from Las Vegas, where he and his sister, Marie, have been performing a long-running nightclub act at the Flamingo Hotel. This interview was edited and condensed.

Q. Last month, you blogged about a recent operation. How are you?

A. I knew that would be the first question. It’s a real bummer, let’s put it that way. As Marie said on stage, I broke my butt. I tore the tendon from the gluteus medius muscle right off the bone as I was dancing, but I finished the show in that condition.

I imagine you’ve found housewares easier on the muscles, but still I wonder what made you veer into design.

This is something that is more organic than one would imagine. For 35 years now, Debbie and I have been married and she’s always created this wonderful atmosphere at home for me, because my world, as you can imagine, is crazy, with the touring and traveling. Now that we’re getting older, it’s something she and I can do for the rest of our lives together. Because you know the term “family” is pretty synonymous with the term “Osmond.”

How would you describe the collection?

I wish Debbie was on the phone, too. There’s going to be — I’m leaning these different types of phraseology because it’s such a new business to me — but it’s more of a transitional style, if that makes any sense. It’s kind of eclectic with a kind of a modern flair. The same way as I’ve handled my career for 50 years, you have to learn to adapt and change. We’re told by our marketing team that honeycomb and the color gray are trending right now, so Debbie and I these last couple of days have sat with our design team, through the computer. We approved certain styles, and it’s perfectly in line with what she and I like.

I caught glimpses of your Utah home in an interview you did some years ago with Kathie Lee Gifford. It seemed comfortable and traditional. Would you say that sums up the style of Donny Osmond Home?

Keep in mind that’s the only time we’ve ever opened up our home for an interview, and probably the last. We maintain that our home is very private, even though we’re opening up our style. I think a very comfortable, very homey atmosphere is a nice guideline. But there might be something a little more elegant or a little more transitional. It really depends on the taste of the buyers.

Having partnered for many decades with your sister, what is it like to work with your wife? Is this your first partnership?

Yes, it’s the first. No! For 35 years she’s been my partner.

What does each of you bring to the table?

I bring the support. She’s got the eye for this. What’s really interesting, over the years our tastes have actually become one. I remember when we first got married in 1978, I was more modern and she was more traditional. But in 1978 the styles were so different, so you’re constantly evolving. That’s what we want to bring to the public: all different kinds of things available at different prices. A lot of people can afford these things.

Each phase in your career has brought a different relationship to your audience. Who do you hope to connect to with this collection?

Fantastic question. Let me tell you a story: I look out at the audience every night in Vegas. Right after I won “Dancing With the Stars,” there was a little 10-year-old kid who had watched every week. He was dressed in this suit and he had a tie on and he was with his mom and dad. He was watching me intently through the entire show. Afterward we did a meet-and-greet. I saw this little kid in line, and the closer he got the more excited he got. He came up and shook my hand. He said, “Mr. Osmond, I didn’t know you could sing, too.”

Here’s another little story: Last year, I had a meeting over at one of the hotels here in Vegas. As I was coming up to give them my car in the parking structure, I heard the song I did for the Disney movie “Mulan.” I followed the sound and came to a van, and all these U.C.L.A. students were in there, half-asleep because they were up all night either gambling or partying. They were on their way back to L.A. I knocked on the window, and the driver rolled down the window and turned the music down. He said, “Can I help you?” I said, “That song you’re listening to. That’s me.” He said: “Are you Donny Osmond? This is our theme song when we have tests and exams.” It starts out, “Let’s get down to business.”

So now I’ve got fans that are 10-year-olds, college students, parents and grandparents. So here’s the answer to your question: I don’t know. How do you appeal to that wide a demographic? You’ve got to be eclectic. You’ve got to be broad-based.

You’re probably short on time, but I have another story.

Do please tell it.

Last night at the meet-and-greet, this lady comes up to me and she says, “My 5-year-old daughter listens to you all the time.” I said, “Oh, that’s so sweet.” She said, “She keeps asking for ‘Anaconda, Anaconda.’ And we finally realized she was asking for “and they called it … puppy love.” Now I’ve got a 5-year-old fan.

What was your home like growing up?

Which hotel would you really like to refer to? I was always on the road. But seriously, my home, when we did come home from a tour, was a big Spanish house in San Fernando Valley, Calif. It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t a mansion. We didn’t drive fancy cars. That’s one thing my father and mother taught us: Live within your means. If you have means, don’t flaunt it.

In your book “Life Is Just What You Make It,” you said that at a low career point you thought of tossing it all in and starting a home security business. Why home security?

Yeah, it was 1988 and just before “Soldier of Love” hit in 1989, and I had tried so hard to get back out on the charts and couldn’t do it, even with Peter Gabriel’s help. The reason I liked home security is because I was always interested in electronics. I don’t think it had anything to do with my own security. I’m just an electronics geek. I had pretty much lost everything in the early 1980s and I had to rebuild. In 1988, I had three children and I thought, “How am I going to support a family?” That was an alternative, and thank goodness it didn’t go that way.

If you could relive any decade of your life, which would it be?

Well, I’ve got to be honest. The ’70s were amazing, even through the purple socks and the “Puppy Love.” Yeah, I enjoyed it but I wished I enjoyed it a little bit more. I’m reading a great book called “The Power of Now.” I’m learning how to enjoy the moment.

But I have to be honest: I’m enjoying this moment more than any in my life because I really don’t have to prove anything anymore. I’m never going to be in coasting mode. I’m always going to be climbing some kind of mountain. But it’s such an enjoyable time in my life with my wife and kids and grandbabies. And we’re trying to open up that joy we’ve had in our home and make it accessible to other people. That’s the message: Create an atmosphere of love and peace and refuel at home.

Global Icon Donny Osmond Launches Home Brand

September 18, 2013
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Entertainment icon Donny Osmond and his wife Debbie are set to launch their own branded line of home furnishings with Clique Here Inc. out of Atlanta, GA, designated as the exclusive rights holder for the brand. The brand will launch globally in key product categories including bedding and bath, home furnishings and décor, flooring and rugs, textiles, lighting, outdoor living, kitchenware, tableware and various categories of home improvement in the last quarter of 2013.

Millions worldwide have a lifetime of experience with Donny Osmond and his five decade spanning career in music, television, theatre and film. He is more than a memory for these millions… he is an aspirational icon of family life, hard work, and happiness at home. The new home line encapsulates the very essence of trust, goodness, excellence, and familiarity and delivers brand qualities as ageless and engaging as Donny himself.

Commenting on his reason for launching his first branded product line, Osmond says, “Home is my haven. A place where my life is really lived, a destination filled with love, laughter and everything that comes with 35 years of marriage to a wonderful woman and 5 terrific kids. The substance of family, heritage, and home are the most important things in my life. My wife, Debbie, and I are eager to share our new home furnishings line as an expression of our commitment to these values.”

The brand’s design statement is steeped with heritage and enriched with modern flair to give personality to textured neutrals and color accents. Donny’s intimacy with the consumer, combined with product personality provides the basis for brand strategies.

Clique Here executive, Deb Wallace, is honored to be representing the Osmonds; “Donny is one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. Donny and Debbie represent family, home, and a quality of life with unparalleled consistency. Millions of consumers everywhere recognize and strive to embrace those characteristics. This brand delivers that emotional connectivity.”

Where to Buy

Donny Osmond Home products will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year through a variety of online retailers.

Regularly updated product and “Where to Buy” information will be available at

Products will be available for purchase at a wide range of retail outlets, following the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market January 7 – 14, 2014 when the brand will make its debut to retailers, in collaboration with AmericasMart Atlanta.