Launch Party – Laughs and Looking Forward

So Launch Party NYC happened. I recognize you’ve probably heard that…100 times, twice over. And if you haven’t, do consider following Donny Osmond Home on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

…really though, do consider. The pictures you’ll find there will wow you.

Speaking of wow-ed—and pictures, parties, and an incredible home line of unparalleled products:
Donny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeDonny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeI can’t get past the beauty of Monday night.

Donny and Debbie are as real as can be. They are 100 percent family people—and they make everyone feel like family, like you belong, like it’s your right to be comfortable and loved. I can’t think of a better duo to design a home line that brings the family together and makes the home central.

The product manufacturers are now people I call friends. Their investment in this line, in Donny and Debbie, in making home and family #1…their investment is obvious, and their excitement, contagious. They are an incredible group of people.

And the products that they represent—the products of Donny Osmond Home—they are beyond expectation and above beauty benchmark. They create warmth and welcome…and I need every last one of them.

Check out Twitter and Facebook for additional party pictures!


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