Interview: Donny and Debbie on Donny Osmond Home

Donny Osmond HomeBefore the launch party, we were able to sit down with Donny and Debbie and discuss their excitement and plans for Donny Osmond Home. Read about it here:

Q: How has it been working together on this project?

Donny: “Well, it’s a lot better than working with Marie, let me tell you that!” 


Q: Will you be adding products from the DOH line into your own home?

Debbie: “Absolutely! The line is inspired by what we have in our home already, so these products will find a warm and easy welcome.”

Q: Tell me how you interpret the line.

Debbie: “It’s transitional with an eclectic flair. It’s very versatile and contemporary. I never want to be locked-down in a style for my home…because fashions change, and people change. So we designed a line to reflect that mentality.”

Donny: “We have a 2-year-old couch in our home. And already, it’s thrashed! Our kids have been there, and our grandkids have been there, but we want them there, so we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Debbie interjects: “We don’t buy super high-end furniture or accessories. Because again, we like the freedom to change. And we want our kids to be able to come over and use our things and live in our home! And so we’re providing a home line of affordable furnishings that are beautiful and family-friendly and transitional.” 

Donny: “At the end of the day, you want to have the home where everyone wants to be. And I think our home line helps create that feeling of welcome and comfort.”

Q: How does some of the design inspiration come?

Debbie: “Oh hun, tell them what we’ve started doing!”

Donny: “So when we’re traveling around the world, I’ll take pictures of things Debbie sees, or that I love—of lighting in shops, fixtures, bedding, you name it—and then I’ll upload the photos directly to a Drop Box where we can start brainstorming designs and colors and plans with our team for the line.”

Q: Let’s talk family traditions in your home.

Debbie: “Kind-of along this whole topic, we’ve taught our children to do things themselves.”

Donny interjects: “We’re big do-it-yourself-ers.”

Debbie: “And so we’ve got a woodworker in the family, an electrician, a painter. We’ll randomly be together one day, and before we know it, we suddenly have a distressed kitchen table. And it’s beautiful!” 

Donny: “We do family night once a week. We play games. We’ve made our own UNO—it’s an UNO where cheating is allowed! It’s so fun! Does that make me a terrible grandfather?”

Debbie: “Donny is the best storyteller. He’ll ask the grandkids for a topic, and then he’ll just go with it.”

Donny: “I love going out to the hammock with a grandchild and a storybook. We’ll sit there with the book, and I’ll kind-of read what’s written, but then I’ll make-up other parts…to really play-up the parts of the story the grandkids love. We never get too far off from the original.”

Q: Any talk of future products in the home line?

Debbie: “We’d love to add DIY projects to the line.”

Donny: “And paints. Patio furniture. A hammock.” 

Debbie: “We spend date night at Home Depot and Lowe’s. We love this stuff.”

It was a pleasure talking to Donny and Debbie. It is going to be quite the adventure seeing their style come to life in this home line. Being comfortable and connected with family, all while maintaining a stylish home is the vision. A vision I’d say we all yearn for, after all. Can’t wait to see more.



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