Licensee Interview: Bougainvillea

Donny Osmond Home

We had the opportunity to sit down with the hilarious southern gentlemen, Jeff Chauvin and David Hinson, of Bougainvillea and discuss their line of preserved florals for Donny Osmond Home. Read all about it below.

Q: Tell us about the product you offer.

Jeff: “We offer a collection of naturally preserved flowers—made only of real materials. They are much better looking than silk flowers.

“It’s like taking your garden and bringing it inside.”

Q: What are your plans with Donny Osmond Home?

David: “We plan on offering 15-20+ arrangements of varied height, depth and color.”

“Designing the collection for Donny Osmond Home is very exciting, and the interpretation of where I see the brand going has a perfect fit with the florals we’re creating.”

Q: How do you approach the design of your florals?

Jeff: “Florals tie in all the elements of a room. They give the finishing touch. They’re the icing on the cake.

“We want our florals to be statement pieces that blend the homes cape together.”

Q: Tell us how your florals fit into the Donny Osmond brand in bringing home and family together?

David: “Flowers represent warmth and beauty and all those things that family should be. They give freshness, beauty and serenity—again, the things we find in family.” 


Their florals are so stunning. Jeff demonstrated to me that even though these flowers are real (preserved, not artificial), they are not fragile. He ran his hands through an arrangement and they remained looking untouched and fresh. Impressive!

Which arrangement is your favorite? Check them out at



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