6 Steps to Making Family Service a Success

As we get into the holidays, many families are looking for service opportunities. Chantelle Adams regularly does service with her family and has some simple ideas to help you engage in meaningful service activities as a family.

The Adams children with food they collected

The Adams children with food they collected

Decide on a need.  Take a look around you, read the newspapers, be aware of things that are happening in your community, school, nationally or internationally.  Is there an issue you feel strongly about?  How do you want to make a difference?  What speaks to your heart?

Do your research.  Find out all you can about the organization, and person(s) you are helping.  This will be a big step as you gather information you will have a clearer idea on the help they need.  Sometimes we think we know how to help, but if we do our research we will find out exactly what is needed. You will also be able to tell others about your cause and do it with confidence.

Get others involved.  Share your passion, your concern and your desire to help, with others.  You don’t have to do it all on your own, there are people who will help you and will be excited to be a part of your vision. Think of other people or groups that may be interested in helping, make a list of resources and people you can go to for help.  Example: school, neighbourhood, parents, teachers, church groups, community leaders and friends your own age.  Form a team to set your vision in motion.

Organize a meeting and make a plan.  Brainstorm together; get creative and have fun thinking of ideas.  Make decisions together. Once you know how you can help and what you are going to do to help; put a plan in place, set goals, make lists and work towards achieving your desired outcome.  Make sure assignments are made to each member of the team.  Know each others strengths and assign accordingly.

Take action.  Get busy working on your action plan.  Stay focused and know that there will be bumps in the road, but together your team will pull through. Continue to meet and look at your goals, vision and objectives to make sure you stay on track. Enjoy the journey and keep each other motivated by celebrating every little success.

Have Fun and CELEBRATE.   You did it!!  Enjoy the gift that service brings to you and the ones you are helping. Take time to reflect on the things you have learned and experienced along the way.

By Chantelle Adams, Power of Moms


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