Gravitating toward Garland

**I knew the second I posted to the public that snow was absent on the New Jersey scene, things would drastically change.  And at 5:55 this morning I got THE call informing me that school was cancelled due to the impending snow storm.  And white has been falling from the heavens ever since.**  

We were all a little giddy this morning.  It felt a little like Christmas morning.  The white blanketing the ground.  The crisp temperature.  The excitement surrounding an unexpected day home from school.  There was a little sparkle in the air.  And so to keep our festive spirit going, I decided we would spend a part of our day making garland for the tree.  And the mantle.  And wherever else our little hearts desired.  The best part: no trip to the store necessary (which is a good thing considering traipsing 4 children through the snowy roads and into a place of business is hardly an option).

Here are some of my favorites that we have been working on today:

Snow Ball Garland (made from cotton balls!!!)Snowball-garland-3


The age-old classic, Popcorn Garlandchristmas-crafts-garland_612


And my very favorite, Felted Bows Garland (a completely adorable Anthropologie knock-off).  Admittedly, I was planning on doing this one already, so I had previously purchased the felt and had it hanging out in my house.  A trip to the store may be required if hoarding felt isn’t really your thing.felt garland3


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Indoors and out.   And listening to the kids proudly point out each string of garland they created is the sort of merriment that makes this season magical.

**Do you experiment making your own garland?  What is your favorite “recipe?”**

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