All-American Idol Donny Osmond

Read the full article in December 23rd’s Closer Weekly.

Donny Osmond, who is just now wrapping up his 51st year in entertainment, has some words of advice for young stars such as Justin Bieber. As a child star, Donny had a squeaky-clean image that he couldn’t break. ”I’m just a normal guy, and Donny & Marie left me with such a wacky image,” Donny tells Closer in an exclusive interview. “Since ‘Puppy Love’ and ‘Go Away Little Girl’ were such big records, I went through a period when I hated it.”

“Justin Bieber is feeling the pains of this right now. Everyone thinks he’s still the kid who sang ‘Baby,’ but he’s an adult, and he’s rebelling to show people he’s an adult.”

Donny told us that his advice to Justin and other child stars is, “Just let it happen. You can’t change history. When you hit it so big at such a young age, time freezes in people’s minds. You just have to live with the consequences until enough time goes by — 20 or 30 years, in my case. You get to a time when you end up embracing it.”

In terms of longevity, Donny says that the key is “reinventing yourself.” His wife and best friend Debbie also helped Donny persevere. “The best thing that ever happened to me was my wife. Debbie was the one who kept me going.”


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