Feature Friday: Tilton Fenwick

b0de1b9d605ac4e7da4249cf83e3e52e-1This happy NYC loft, designed by Tilton Fenwick, makes me feel giddy that Spring is here. I’m wanting to incorporate bold colors in my own home that give you the same sense of pleasure that the warmer days give off.

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Coming Home with Donny & Debbie Osmond

February/March 2014
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If you didn’t get a chance to see Donny Osmond and his wife, Debbie, in Las Vegas, you’re in luck. RetailerNOW had a chance to interview him about his new line just for you! Here are the basics.

RetailerNow: What is your line like?

Donny: It is contemporary, casual and organic. It’s four years in the making, so we’re really excited about it. Our target audience is everyone from newlyweds to the older generations. Debbie has been considering a children’s line. One of the things we love about each other is that we have the same taste—so having a line we agree on is easy!

RetailerNow: How are your sales so far?

Donny: It’s too early to tell, but Atlanta was very successful. The buzz about it is good.

RetailerNow: Why did you get involved in the home furnishings industry?

Donny: Being on the road so much in show business, I really enjoyed just coming home and relaxing. It’s nice to come home to a place of refuge. Debbie has been able to create such a wonderful home atmosphere for me. She’s really the inspiration. We want to make home and family our number one—and that is our brand message.

The Osmonds have been married for 36 years and live in Utah. Donny’s Vegas show has been ongoing for six years after an initial six-week run. Because it’s so important, the couple is protective of their family and refuses to let cameras into their home.

Feature Friday: Anne Ziegler

6a00d8358081ff69e201a73d8c233b970d-800wiAnne Ziegler shared her home over at A Beautiful Mess and it is crazy beautiful. It looks like such a relaxing space to retreat from the world. I’m particularly fond of those black floral posters. Go to A Beautiful Mess blog to see the full tour.

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Making a House into Home.


Image via BHG

I’ve moved a lot since I’ve been married. My husband and I have been renters our entire marriage. Throughout this time, I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit about making a house feel like a home. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, I have a few tips to make your home welcoming and cozy and personal.

1. Lighting. Lighting is so important to our mood. Harsh overhead lighting never feels like home to me. Add floor lamps, table lamps, and/or sconces to every room.

2. Art/Mirrors/Photos. A house full of empty walls is depressing. Collect art that speaks to you and your family, find shapely mirrors that will bounce light around your home, and hang photo walls of meaningful memories (you can change these out often).

3. Window Treatments: When moving somewhere new, we tend to push window treatments to the bottom of our to-do list. Don’t do that! Window treatments soften a room and instantly make it feel a little more complete.

4. Walls: I love white walls, but I also love fun walls. Even renters can get in on the action. Try paint, wallpaper (there is even temporary wallpaper out there!), wall tiles, massive picture walls, chalkboard walls, or whatever else you can think of.

5. Texture: Adding texture around your home gives the cozy vibe that makes a house feel like it became a home with time. Rugs, throws, decorative pillows, curtains, decorative objects, baskets, and trays are my go-to items.

I hope this help anyone struggling to feel at home in their house.

What tips do you have to get cozy at home?

How to Spend Family Time

March 9, 2014
By Donny Osmond; as told to Spencer Bailey
For the full article, click here: New York Times

We have a big-screen television and a screen that pops down from the ceiling, so all the kids come over and watch movies. We just bought a foosball table, and we have, of course, a pool table and a Ping-Pong table. In the backyard, we have a pool. And a big yard, so they can play football. And a swing set for the little kids. And a basketball hoop.

PODCAST: Organizing our Stuff

ikea-storage-bins-croppedFeeling overwhelmed by the stuff in your home?

In this episode, Power of Moms co-founders, April and Saren offer practical tips for streamlining and organizing the toys, clothes, dishes and furnishings in our homes. They focus on ideas to help you:

  • Make sure you’ve got the right things in your home (and get rid of the wrong things)
  • Make those right things easier to find and enjoy
  • Sort and donate regularly
  • Learn to view clothes, toys and furnishings as consumables
  • Be more mindful about what we bring into our homes in the first place

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Show Notes

Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks

Audio editing by Christy Elder

Donny Osmond and Wife Launch a Furniture Collection

February 28, 2014
By Patricia Sheridan
For the full article, click here: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

LAS VEGAS — To celebrate his 50th anniversary in show business, Donny Osmond decided to go home — to your home, actually, with a line of decorative accessories and furniture.

He and his wife Debbie launched the Donny Osmond Home Collection during the winter Las Vegas Home Furnishing Market recently. They didn’t tiptoe into the market with a few offerings, either. The collection boasts more than 500 products in multiple categories, including case goods, upholstery, bedding, preserved botanicals, wall art, lighting, rugs, and even home fragrance and doorknobs.

“It’s something we have been talking about for many years,” says the performer. The couple, who are parents to five grown children and have six grandchildren, wanted something they could do together well into their golden years.

The philosophy behind the line is family centric, comfortable and transitional. The tagline for the collection is “Making Home and Family Number One” — something the Osmonds have tried to do in their own lives.

“The way Debbie decorated was like a breath of fresh air,” Mr. Osmond says.

“My goal has always been to create a ‘haven’ for Donny and our children, focused on a casual and comfortable lifestyle,” she says. “It’s a home. You’ve got to be able to live in it. We want our kids to bring their friends. The party is always at our house!”

Both said their family wore out couches about every three years.

“It’s not a showpiece. It’s a place to live,” he says.

The Osmonds’ personal taste leans toward casual and contemporary, which is reflected in many of their products.

“I rely on textured neutrals to create warmth, and accent colors to keep it fun and fresh,” Mrs. Osmond says.

Her husband encouraged her to share this style with the world.

“Our collection offers a great assortment of products that are not challenging and have ease of use for your home design,” she says.

The couple enlisted the help of 12 manufacturers, including A & B Home for the occasional furniture and decorative items, Anji Mountain for the natural fiber area rugs, KAS for area rugs, Bougainvillea for the preserved botanicals, Ellison First Asia for the bedding, and Lamp Works for the lighting. They have even introduced a line of stylish fans.

“It’s fun. The ideas come from us, but obviously we listen to what’s trending and the licensees,” Mrs. Osmond says.

The collection is now a huge part of their lives, and although he has no intention of leaving show business for the furniture industry, his wife says the added work of creating the home furnishings brand is good.

“He’s better when he’s active,” she says, laughing.

He says he really took to the home furnishings industry because it is always changing, evolving and challenging your creativity. “Debbie has been studying interior design her whole life,” he adds.

“What makes it fun is when you have a neutral palette, then you can introduce new colors and trends with accent pieces and lighting,” she says. “People are changing their homes a lot nowadays, painting their way and moving things around.”

With that in mind, the Osmonds have kept the collection at a moderate price point.

“I would say it will be reasonable, and most families can afford it,” she says.

Many of the products can be purchased on Amazon now, and by April the website http://www.donnyosmond.com will have a full database of retailers from national chains to smaller shops by ZIP codes.

“Donny Osmond Home is a celebration of life and love,” says Mrs. Osmond.