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July 28, 2014

Donny Osmond is on a hot streak. The child star turned teen heartthrob turned Vegas entertainer just came out with a rustic-chic interiors line with wife Debbie. The couple picked up ideas for Donny Osmond Home through their travels. Want music? There’s that too. His 60th album, “Soundtrack of My Life,” is set to drop in January. The real-life American Idol, 56, proves he’s Web savvy, too, launching an app that offers stories and previews of the songs.


One-on-One Time with our Kids – PODCAST

saren and eliza one on onePower of Moms is creating a new podcast series offering fun conversations full of great ideas to build your family. Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting the latest episode here at Donny Osmond Home.

For this week’s podcast, join Power of Moms Founders, April and Saren, as they share simple tried-and-true ideas for making one-on-one time with each child into a regular and meaningful part of the family routine.


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Here’s a summary of some of the tips shared in the podcast:

  • Let each child take a turn staying up 15 minutes late and during this time, the child gets mom and dad’s attention all to themselves. They could choose to play a favorite game together, read a book together, research something they’re interested in via the Internet together, etc.  Or if bedtime doesn’t work, you can set up 15-minute rotations during the day when kids get special individual time with a parent.
  • Pick kids up from school during lunch and take them out on a special date. Tell them what you’ve noticed about them lately (all the positive things!) and let them talk about whatever they want.
  • Take each child out on a special “date” every month if you can. Give them a budget ($5 works well) and let them choose what the activity will be (brainstorm a list of ideas together as a family if you want so they have a “jumping off” point for thinking about what they’d love to do with you). Examples include going for a walk or bike ride, browsing at a book store or library, going on a “photography walk” to take photos of interesting things, going out for ice cream or a smoothie, etc.
  • Think about how you can make housework into great one-on-one time and teaching time as you work with a child how to make a meal, clean a floor, make a bed, fold laundry, etc. (this works especially well if you help them with a job they’ve been assigned – they’re extra happy for your company when you’re helping them do something they know is their responsibility!)
  • Take advantage of opportunities for spontaneous “dates” but taking a child who seems to be needing a little extra attention with you on a necessary errand and making a point of really talking in the car and involving the child in helping you find things and make decisions at the store.


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Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

Bedroom Makeover: Before & After

I am obsessed with a good before and after. We changed up this dark and dated room with a lot of hard work and a few pieces from Donny Osmond Home that makes this space feel current and bright and completely welcoming.

We removed the wallpaper, painted the walls with a gorgeous grey beige (greige), moved around furniture, and added some new, fresh accessories to make this room feel extra special. IMG_6385IMG_6386

Before, meet your after. 2009-01-13 19.56.01TCaW3bFEW_pfLvT3e4VIztzo6P79BtP1NdTy21axRiAFeatured Donny Osmond Home products include the Carved Black Glass Lamp, Wall Mirror, and the Hydrangea Bordeaux floral.

What do you think of the after? I’m thinking I need to move in…