Donny Osmond Home Furnishing Line- New Removable Wall Tiles

August 12, 2014
Splash Magazines /

Description: The new Donny Osmond Wall Tiles are a really exciting part of his new home furnishing line, made by Achim Importing exclusively for Donny Osmond Home. They are easily placed on any wall with no damage to the wall or paint. Perfect for rental apartments, offices, kids rooms, anywhere you want to make an affordable change to any room. The possibilities are endless with these paintable wall tiles. Making a bold statement covering all the walls in your space or creating an eye-catching accent wall. Since there is a tile for every style, these can work in any home, adding immediate interest to your space. William Staubitzer, of Achim Importing, said of the Wall Tiles, “Our wall tiles add character to a room and completely change its feel to a place you want to be. And in doing so, they bring the family together.” Hanging the Donny Osmond Wall Tiles couldn’t be more simple. The back of each tile has 4 pieces of adhesive that require you to peel back the paper and stick to your wall. Peel…and stick! If you need to remove your tiles, carefully pull them away from the wall while using a blow dryer to warm the adhesive. These tiles make quite the statement. You can purchase a set of Donny Osmond Home Wall Tiles at and now! Donny Osmond Home 19.6 in. x 19.6 in. Self-Stick3D White Decorative Wall Tile (10-Pack)

Visit the Website

Price: $51.00 to $69.97


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