Meet Jessi Osmond.

JessiA native of Southern California, the sunshine has always meant home to me. And with a little help from my friend SPF 45, this ginger can’t get enough of it ;). Growing up the youngest of 8 kids, I managed to have my own room by the time I was 7 that my mother let me decorate. With the help of my little friend Molly, my walls got painted, my furniture got rearranged and we adorned the space with butcher paper-faux wallpaper trim over and over. I am awed at the patience of my mother who stood by with little intervention and let me express myself.

This love of making a space my own has always uplifted my spirits. I’m sure it caught my husband off guard the first few times he came  home to what he might have thought was a visit from a poltergeist. With furniture rearranged and decor re-hung around the room, he didn’t know what he was in for. But now he’s grown accustomed to the freshening-up of the space every now and then, adding a dab of color here, or a splash of texture there, breathing new life into our newlywed thrift finds and hand-me-downs. He also has the patience like my mother, and knows I’m in a state of zen when I open a new can of paint or fill a new vase with something fresh from the yard.

Almost five years ago, the fate in my stars aligned when I met Don, the oldest of Donny and Debbie’s brood.  I knew I had met my match when he brought me flowers and danced with me under the night sky in a Park City parking lot. Today, with our little Truman in tow, we still take the opportunity to dance in the moonlight whenever we can; although, most of the time it’s in the kitchen with dishes piled high and Tru at our feet, and we like it just the same.

The home has always been my sanctuary; where I refuel.  A place I reconnect with the people that matter most in my world; a place where I find myself.

My personal style is full of juxtaposition, romanticism meets industrial; I love soft, velvety colors and a rustic wooden table; blends of raw textures and polished mantles; my grandmother’s dark tufted chairs, mix-matched tea-cups and our cream clean-lined sofa;  simple, white-washed  wainscoting and eclectic elements that bring together history and culture.  I like our space to reflect where we’ve been and where our dreams may take us. I’m also a sucker for saving a buck. I love the challenge of seeing potential in something (or someone) that others have overlooked. Some of my greatest gems have come from unexpected places.

And the greatest gem of all?  My little Truman and his big. hazel. eyes.  I get to experience the world like a child through those saucers, and see all of its magic and beauty.  My little family of three inspires me in new ways each and every day.

“Where there is love, there is life.”  -Mahatma Ghandi


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