Licensee Interview: KAS

We had the opportunity to interview Santhi Yarlagadda, of KAS Rugs, one of Donny Osmond Home’s new manufacturing partner. We are so excited for this amazing partnership and the insanely gorgeous rugs coming to the site soon! Check out this sneak peek to a few of the options. Meet Santhi below.DOH Product - Metallic Visions Close-up shot

What is KAS bringing to the Donny Osmond Home line?

Santhi: “KAS brings over 30+ years of experience in product innovation, fashion, color and design to the Donny Osmond Home line. We are a family-run business that is accustomed to working very close to the design & manufacturing process with a hands-on approach to design, color & product quality. The Donny Osmond brand aesthetic resonates just as much with our loyal customer base as well as the typical DOH customer. This makes the whole process easier for everyone. It is heart-warming to join our two families to create products that people can bring into their homes and enjoy every day.”

When can we expect to see the rugs on

Santhi: “We will be launching the Donny Osmond Home rug line in July at Vegas Market! We will have some sneak peeks at product before then for the site, but the official product pictures will be available around the Vegas launch date.”


What are some rug designs we can expect to see?

Santhi: “The Donny Osmond Home brand aesthetic is inspired by Donny & Debbie’s home which we have carried through into designing their rugs. The rug designs will include many of the same themes that resonate with the Donny Osmond Home customer….those that are rustic and natural with everyday elegance mixed in as well as some that are everyday looks with trendier colors and patterns.”

How was the design of the Donny Osmond Home rugs approached?

Santhi: “The design process for the Donny Osmond Home rugs was a true collaboration in all senses of the word. The design process has been driven primarily by Debbie’s [Osmond] design and color inspirations. This coupled with our 30+ years of experience in product innovation and color and design trends has led us to create 2 unique collections that are stylish yet perfect for a casual home. 1 collection is a more natural, rustic approach to design with luxurious highlights as product accents. The other will be a much more fashion-forward collection with pops of color for the more stylish home.”

How does KAS fit into the Donny Osmond Home brand of making home and family number one?

Santhi: “Being a small family business for over 30 years, KAS has always maintained that family atmosphere within the company and with its customers. Our customer trust and loyalty are paramount to our success, and our dedication to giving our customers what they want in their homes is essential to what we do. We have always made home and family number one at KAS, which is why the Donny Osmond Home brand is such a perfect fit for us!”



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