Licensee Interview: Capital Lighting


We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our new partners, Capital Lighting, and discuss their Donny Osmond Home product. Lisa Dixon shares some seriously great insight. Read the interview below.

What is Capital Lighting bringing to the Donny Osmond Home line?

Lisa: “Capital Lighting is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2015; at the same time we are launching our partnership with Donny Osmond Home.  We are bringing twenty-five years of growth and development in the decorative lighting industry and passion for what we do.  We also bring a commitment to excellence, especially creating and delivering top quality products to our customers and homeowners while also maintaining the best in customer service experiences.”

What is your approach when it comes to the design of your light fixtures?

Lisa: “Our design process is very collaborative among the members of the Capital Lighting design team.  We work together to create new designs that are appealing to customers with an eye towards interior design trends.  We aim to have a full range of products for our customers that are fresh and inviting.  We want our lighting fixtures to be the center of the family home for years and years to come and we design with that goal in mind.”

What are the future plans for Capital Lighting and Donny Osmond Home?

Lisa: “Capital Lighting hopes to develop even more lighting fixture families for Donny Osmond Home, in collaboration with Debbie & Donny Osmond, that showcase the great design and style of the Osmond family.”

Where will consumers be able to purchase the new line of light fixtures for Donny Osmond Home?

Lisa: “Consumers will be able to purchase our Donny Osmond Home lighting fixtures at any of Capital Lighting’s network of lighting showrooms across the United States and Canada or at any of our online retail partner websites.  A full list of lighting showrooms can be found on our website,”

How does Capital Lighting fit into the Donny Osmond Home brand of making home and family number one?

Lisa: “Capital Lighting is a family owned and operated business and we have cultivated a strong business based on a core belief of the importance of family.  Our company culture is family-oriented and this philosophy is reflected in all we do as a company, from providing outstanding customer service to designing lighting fixtures with real families and homes in mind.”



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