Coming Soon…

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Coaster Furniture for Donny Osmond Home will be coming very soon. The new line will include ‘City’ and ‘Country’ collections of home furnishings. We have included a sneak peek of just some of the new furnishings. We cannot wait to see the line in YOUR homes!

If you have any questions, Donny Osmond is hosting a Live Video Q&A on his Facebook tomorrow (11/13) at 10 AM PST. Go to his Facebook profile at that time and you will see the live video stream. If you comment on the video, he will be able to read your questions in real-time. Make sure to ask about Donny Osmond Home! So many great things to come!






Toddler Fun

image1Do you have a climber in your house? We are in full blown 2 year old fun in our house!  He loves to climb on everything!  Ottomans are his favorites. These blue striped Donny Osmond Home Upholstered Cubes had my name on it!  I seriously love ottomans and how they fill a space with design and function. They make great extra seating for watching TV or throwing a fun party.  Mr. Ryder would sure have to agree!!  I love how you can actually stack them on top of each other too.  These are just too cute with the blue stripes and could go with any room design.

Melisa Osmond


The Transformation Continues!


Last month I showed you how Capital Lighting is transforming our home with their incredible light fixtures.

Look at the newest addition!   Love these Donny Osmond Home Pendants!  They make such a difference in the kitchen.  A beautiful statement that is easy to do and truly gives you a fun change in any room.  Lighting is one of the best ways to update your home and give any room a fresh new look.  It has always been one of my favorite categories in home design. Easy to install without too much effort or repair and when you have an in-house electrician it makes it even better!!!  Happens to be one of Donny’s hobbies that I get to benefit from! Try a little change in your home by adding some great new light fixtures from our friends at Capital lighting. You will love it!
Debbie Osmond
debbie closer